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Welcome to The City of Iceberg Ilulissat Greenland

Experience Snowbile / Dogsledding Tour / Iceberg Tour / Hvale Safari

Snowmobile / Dogsledding

Day Tour Snowmobile Dogsledding

Takes about 8 hours from Ilulissat to Ilulissat Icefiord and back to Ilulissat

From Ilulissat to Ilulissat Icefiord UNESCO HERITAGE SITE  is about 25 km.

When you get there you have to walk on sea ice ,.where the sleddog are. From that you dogsledding to fishing area 5-6 kilometers ,where the fisherman fishing. You can try fishing and you can go inside the tent so you can get warm inside the tent.

Incl:Lunch Coffee and Tea 

8 hours. Pr.Person 2995,- kr

season: dec./ april 

Ilulissat Icefiord Tour by Snowmobile

Day Tour By Snowmobile

Ilulissat Icefiord Tour (UNESCO Herritage site).

Takes about 1 hour to Ilulissat ICefiord by Snowmobile  ca. 25 km 

Ilulissat Icefiord Tour will takes us to the UNESCO HERITAGE SITE.

When you get there you can walk on  sea ice, and meet the dogs or you can just walk around and take some pictures.

3-4 hours. Pr.Person 2.495.- kroner

Ilulissat Icefiord (UNESCO Herritage site) Tour

Day Tour Ilulissat Icefiord (UNESCO Herritage site) on sea ice 

3-4 Hours to Ilulissat Icefiord to fishing area

This Tour will take you to the View to the Ilulissat IceFiord . You can meet fishermans/hunters who is fishing on sea ice with longline after halibut.

From Ilulissat to Ilulissat Icefiors by snowmobile  45 min and on sea ice by dogsledding to fishing area 1/2 hour.

incl: Lunch   Coffee and tea 

3-4 Hour   Pr. Person. 2695 kr

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation by the traveller

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more than 100 days before the date of departure 0 %

100 to 42 days before the date of departure 30 %

42 to 28 days before the date of departure 60 %

28 days to 1 day before the date of departure 90 %

on the date of departure or later 100 %

always in % of the agreed tour (package) price


Partial cancellation

If a traveller from a touring group cancels his agreement for a joint accommodation in a hotel, apartment, holiday home or other accommodation, he shall have to pay the cancellation costs.
If the size of the remaining group for this accommodation is stated in the price table, the travel organiser shall offer a proposed change to the remaining traveller(s), which is appropriate for the new group size, for the same period and in the same accommodation.
For traveller(s) referred to in sub b. the tour (package) price shall be changed in conformity with the price table. The normal payment rules of article 3 shall apply to the payment of the changed tour (package) price.
If the proposed change is not possible or not accepted, all agreements shall be cancelled and all travellers shall have to pay a cancellation sum.
The total sum of the cancellation sums and changed tour (package) price(s) shall never exceed the total of the tour (package) prices of the original travellers. A possible surplus shall be reduced from new tour (package) prices.


Outside office hours

Cancellations outside office hours shall be considered to have taken place on the next working day.


Cancellation by the travel organiser

The travel organiser shall be entitled to cancel the agreement due to weighty circumstances.
Weighty circumstances shall be taken to mean circumstances of such a nature that a further commitment of the travel organiser to the agreement cannot be required in reason.
If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the traveller, the resultant loss shall be paid by the traveller.
If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the travel organiser, the resultant loss shall be paid by the travel organiser.
If the cause of the cancellation cannot be attributed to the traveller nor to the travel organiser.
If the travel organiser saves money because of the cancellation, the traveller shall be entitled to this saving with regard to his part.


Welcome to the site

Explore Ilulissat 

Takes you to a beautiful view in Kangia Ilulissat (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE) and you can walk on sea ice and explore.

We take you to Kangia Ilulissat by Snowmobile and you can choose experience dogsledding on sea ice.

Explore Ilulissat

Takes you to our famous Iceberg tour where you wanted it, by sailing. 




Summer Tour by sailing

Whale Safari

Whale Safari 

3 hour Whale Safari Near Ilulissat Icebergs  Sailing by Icebergs 


3 hours pr.person  895,- kr



Eqi Glacier Tour

Eqi Glacier Tour

5-6 hour Tour to Eqi Glacier , with is sailing from Ilulissat to Eqi takes about 2 hours


6 hours. Pr.person 2495,- kr 

inluded: Lunch Coffee and Tea



Oqaatsut Tour

Oqaatsut Tour Guided

3 hour Tour to Oqaatsut. Village Oqaatsut is north of Ilulissat takes about 30 min by sailing. Walk around the village.


3 hour pr.person 1195,- kr



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