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Welcome to The City of Iceberg Ilulissat Greenland

Experience Snowbile / Dogsledding Tour / Iceberg Tour / Hvale Safari

Snowmobile / Dogsledding

Day Tour Snowmobile Dogsledding

Takes about 4-5 hours from Ilulissat and return.

From Ilulissat to Ilulissat Kangia Aattartoq UNESCO HERITAGE SITE  is about 25 km.

When you get there you have to walk on sea ice to where the sleddog are. From that you dogsledding to fishing area where the fisherman fishing. You can try fishing and you can go inside the tent so you can get warm inside the tent.

4-5 hours. Pr.Person 3.500 .- kroner 

season: dec./ april 

Kangia Tour by Snowmobile

Day Tour By Snowmobile

Kangia Tour

Takes about 1 hour to Ilulissat Kangia aattartoq by Snowmobile  ca. 25 km 

Kangia Tour will takes us to the UNESCO HERITAGE SITE.

When you get there you can walk on  sea ice, and meet the dogs or you can just walk around and take some pictures.

3 hours. Pr.Person 2.000.- kroner

Kussangajaakasik Tour

Day Tour  Kussangajaakasik 

1-2 Hours to  Kussangajaakasik

This Tour will take you to the View to IceFiord . You can walk around there and take some pictures and enjoy the view.

From Ilulissat to Kussangajaakasik by snowmobile 

1-2 Hour   Pr. Person. 1.500 .- kroner 

Welcome to the site

Explore Ilulissat 

Takes you to a beautiful view in Kangia Ilulissat (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE) and you can walk on sea ice and explore.

We take you to Kangia Ilulissat by Snowmobile and you can choose experience dogsledding on sea ice.

Explore Ilulissat

Takes you to our famous Iceberg tour where you wanted it, by sailing. 




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